CAPTIVES - the Gospel of Jesus Christ meets modern day slavery.

the dvd

In 2000, David d'Arville was a fledgling filmmaker still in college when he had heard about Marian Noronha buying people out from slavery in Nepal. From the begin David believed that this film needed to be made. It is a wonderful example of what Jesus has done for us on the cross and a fantastic adventure.

Captives is much more than your typical Christian mission trip and took over ten years to be produced. It may well be the beginning of a great revival in Nepal and a new generation of Christians in a country that is the birthplace of Buddha.

All of the proceeds go directly into helping the ex-kamaiyas in Nepal and the telling of their story. Please contact us if you would like to screen this film to twenty-five or more people. A Screening License is required.

dvd details

Run Time:50 minutes
Release Date:September 16, 2012
Number of discs:1
Aspect Ration:16:9
Format:DVD, Color, NTSC, PAL
Captives DVD Cover