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what is a kamaiya?

"There is some evidence to suggest that the Kamaiya system developed initially from a survival strategy used by the Tharu to help insure against the risks of sedentary farming. Regardless, landlords soon converted the system into a highly exploitative one where large landowners kept kamaiya to work their land in the same way that they keep oxen, or other farm livestock."

from Forced to Plough, Bonded Labour in Nepal's Agricultural Economy

Kamaiya Photos

"You see this pen. I can take this pen use it to write, draw and sign things. But I can also take it and throw it to the ground and smash it. That is how kamaiyas are seen and that is how they are treated. You belong to the master and he can do whatever he wants with you."

— Madan Shah, Grace Foundation President and Superintendent of Grace Schools